White German Shepherd Dog

White German Shepherd Dog

White German Shepherd Dog is a white colored German Shepherd Dog. The AKC does not allow white German Shepherd Dogs (“GSDs”) to compete in conformation competition even though the color white was one of the original allowed colors. In fact, Max Von Stephanitz, the founder of the breed, was known to have had several White German Shepherd Dogs. Several organizations have been founded to promote the breed as a separate and equal breed (White German Shepherds or White Shepherds), while other groups would prefer that these dogs remain German Shepherds. They would rather see the existing breed standards changed to again allow white dogs to compete. The various organizations promoting white GSDs do have individual breed standards, and while they have many similarities, there are also some differences.

Most White German Shepherd Dogs stand between 22 and 26 inches tall and weigh between 65 and 120 pounds, although some may be heavier. The head is wedge-shaped, the eyes are almond-shaped and dark, the nose is black, and the ears are large and erect. The body is longer than the dog is tall, and the tail is long. The undercoat is soft and thick, while the outer coat is coarse and dense. The coat needs brushing twice a week, although when the dog is shedding, daily brushing may be needed.

The White German Shepherd Dog breed is very active and should run and play hard every day. Without adequate exercise, they can be destructive chewers and diggers. White German Shepherd Dogs were bred to work and need a job to do. Training should begin early and continue on into adulthood. Once past puppy and basic obedience training, these dogs can learn trick training, advanced obedience, hand signals, agility, tracking, and more.

White German Shepherd Dogs serve capably on police and security forces, on search and rescue teams, and as therapy dogs. These dogs need owners who are smarter than they are and who will train, socialize, and keep the dog’s mind busy. Although White German Shepherd Dog puppies are rough and rowdy, the breed is good with children. The primary health concerns include hip dysplasia, bloat, and epilepsy.

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