Tyrolean Hound

Tyrolean Hound

Tyrolean Hound is a descendant from the ancient Celtic Hounds. It was first bred in Tyrol as a dog adapted to hunting in the snow. Emperor Maximilian I used this hound for hunting hare and fox and for tracking wounded game. Selective breeding began in 1860 which led to the breed being officially recognized in 1908. These dogs often used to hunt alone (not in a pack) and had a fine scenting ability.

The Tyrolean Hound is an excellent hunting dog.

The Tyrolean Hound is an excellent hunting dog for the woods and mountains, used to hunt hare and fox and for tracking all sorts of wounded game. Steady, passionate hunting hound with fine scenting ability. Works independently and hunts with endurance, whereby giving tongue clearly and following scent firmly with a good sense of direction.

The Tyrolean Hound is one of three dogs from Austria known as the Grand Brackes, the other two being the Austrian Black and Tan Hound and the Styrian coarse-haired Hound. In its homeland the Tyrolean Hound is known as the Tiroler Bracke.

Tyrolean Hounds are kept almost exclusively as hunting dogs in Austria, although unlike the other Grand Brackes it is sometimes found in other countries throughout Europe. This breed is highly adapted to rough terrain, high altitudes, and harsh environments making him an excellent hunter. They Tyrolean Hound is commonly used to hunt hare and fox, although they also track wounded or sick deer as well.

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