Spanish Greyhound

Spanish Greyhound

Spanish Greyhound, or Galgo Espanol, is probably descended from several different sighthound breeds, including the Saluki, Ibizan Hound, and English Greyhound. The Spanish Greyhound dog breed has been used for centuries in Spain as a hunting dog capable of running quickly over rough terrain. It was primarily used for hunting hare. This dog is a sighthound, with a long head, long neck, long flexible body, and strong legs. The Spanish Greyhound has a deep chest but not as deep as the English Greyhound. The tail is very long.

The Spanish Greyhound is tall, between 23.5 and 27.5 inches at the shoulder. Her coat may be short and smooth or wirehaired. The colors are primarily brindle, black, cream, and red, often with white markings. Grooming these dogs is easy. Both coat types should be brushed twice weekly. Spanish Greyhounds need a chance to run in a safe, fenced-in area.

Spanish Greyhounds are strong hunters. If allowed to run off leash outside of a fenced-in area, they may flush a rabbit and will be gone in a flash; calling will not bring them back. When she has had her run, the Spanish Greyhound will be a happy to curl up on a comfortable cushion. The Spanish Greyhound dog breed can be reserved with strangers, so early socialization is important. Training should be fun yet structured.

The ideal owner for the Spanish Greyhound dog breed is someone who understands sighthounds. A dog owner who has previously owned herding or working dogs may be puzzled by the Spanish Greyhound’s temperament, especially the Spanish Greyhound’s refusal to participate in repetitive or forceful training.

When in a pet home where they do not hunt, these dogs will enjoy the sport of lure coursing. Spanish Greyhounds are affectionate to their family and calm in the house. Although wary of strangers, they should not be considered watchdogs. They are great with children who are gentle and treat them with respect. They are good with other dogs but should not be trusted with other small pets. This is a healthy breed.


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