Small Greek Domestic Dog

Small Greek Domestic Dog


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  1. Lesley Wedderburn says:

    This is Tasha – she was found straying on the street in Crete at age about maybe 6 or 7 weeks, along with her brother (Kobi). They were under a parked car when the driver returned to it and fortunately seen before the vehicle was moved – or it may have been a different story! They were taken in and raised on Crete for the next 8 or so months by a UK ex-pat, then I had them shipped over to the UK by Animal Couriers. When Tasha went to be neutered, it was found she had one leg shorter caused by a hip deformity, so had to undergo a femoral head excision, followed by physio therapy and hydrotherapy and has made a good recovery, though still puts in a little skip sometimes when being exercised. She is such a happy and good natured girl and a joy to have!

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Small Greek Domestic Dog