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Slovensky Cuvac



The Slovensky Cuvac is boundlessly faithful and courageous, always ready to fight off any intruder, be it even bears and wolves. The Slovensky Cuvac is only bred in white in order to distinguish him from wild beasts in the night – according to ancient tradition.

Other Names: Slovensky Tchouvatch, Slovak Cuvac, Slovak or Slovakian Chuvach, Tatransky Cuvac, Slovensky Kuvac.

Slovensky Cuvac dog breed characteristics conform in type with those of a mountain dog of firm constitution, impressive appearance and thick white coat. He has a strong bone, a lively temperament and is vigilant, fearless and alert. For centuries he has been accustomed to the harsh climate of the Slovakian mountains, especially the Tatra mountains. His format is well within the shape of a moderate rectangle, the body resting on strong rather high limbs. His vigilance and alertness helped to give him his name, as the Slovak word “Cuvat” means to hear.

The Slovensky Cuvac is a rare dog breed, not well known in the United States of America; very few breeders world-wide; only 11 puppies were born in the United States in 2010. It is a Loyal Companion; Guardian of home & family; Livestock Guardian; Service Dog.

Slovensky Cuvacs are 23 to 28 inches tall, weigh 66-105 lbs and have a life expectancy of 11 to 13 years.

No breed specific problems are found in this dog breed but since it is a large breed, these dogs should be checked an x-rayed for hip dysplasia.

The Slovensky Cuvac is a large white dog with an impressive appearance; Soft, thick, double coat; Long, fluffy tail; Dark brown, expressive eyes; Pendant ears; Black pigmentation on nose, lips, around eyes; Muscular, straight front legs; Very agile for its weight and size.

The Slovensky Cuvac is Powerful, but calm; great companion; faithful and courageous; affectionate with its human family; a natural flock guardian; always alert; defensively protective, not offensively aggressive; somewhat independent and strong willed; very intelligent and can be a bit stubborn.

The Slovensky Cuvac is a family dog that wants to be part of your life and activities; not recommended for apartment living; will do best with a large yard or on a ranch or farm; will bark and be alert; cautious of strangers and pets that are not part of the family; able to live indoors or outdoors in severe weather conditions; seems to be comfortable in both cold and warm climates; can be trained to guard livestock if raised with the livestock from an early age.

The Slovensky Cuvac needs a strong willed owner is best who will be patient but firm; must be socialized and trained from birth; a dog that will get bored with nothing to do and lack of exercise.

Janet Crock from Western Wynds Slovensky Cuvacs says: The Slovensky Cuvac dog breed is an old one recorded at least as far back as the 17th century. But mostly only Slovaks and Czechs knew about the breed as one of their national dogs. They nearly disappeared after WWI and WWII. But in the 1920s a professor at veterinary college there tried to revive the breed. Then WWII came and everything stopped. In 1950 breeders started back up again and they have been recognized as a breed by the FCI since the 1960s. There are still only about 2,000 probably world wide. They are a rare breed. But the USA numbers have almost doubled in the past 3 years from about 40 to 76. AKC started to let us register them so we can move to getting into their Miscellaneous Class.

We profusely thank Janet Crock for making us aware of the Slovensky Cuvac dog breed.
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What are the differences between the Slovakian Cuvac and the Hungarian Kuvasz ? Does the Cuvac have have dewclaws on the rear legs ? What color skin does the Cuvac have ?

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