Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd

Shiloh Shepherd dog breed was founded by Tina Barber as a means of preserving the old type German Shepherd Dog. Barber is the President of the Shiloh Shepherd Dog Club of America and, through this group, attempts to guide the breed’s continuing development. However, there has been considerable controversy within the breed, and other organizations were founded in competition with hers. With multiple organizations representing the breed, the standards vary.

Under the American Rare Breed Association, the breed is a large, powerful dog, with adult Shiloh Shepherd males standing no less than 28 inches tall (with 30 inches preferred) and Shiloh Shepherd females no less than 26 inches (28 inches preferred). Weight is proportionate to height and is generally 100 to 160 pounds. The Shiloh Shepherd dog breed has a German Shepherd Dog appearance, with erect ears, brown eyes, a body that is longer than tall at the shoulder, and a long, full tail. Two coat types are acceptable, both with a double coat. The smooth coat Shiloh Shepherd is of medium length, and the plush coat is longer, with more profuse feathering. Both coats shed and should be brushed at least twice weekly, especially during spring and fall, when shedding is heaviest.

Shiloh Shepherds need vigorous daily exercise. Although walks are great for socialization and training, they are not enough. This breed needs a chance to run, as well as daily playtimes. These dogs need early socialization, as they are watchful and reserved with strangers. Training should also begin early to teach household and social manners and should continue into adulthood; these dogs need a mental challenge and training can help with that. A well-trained Shiloh Shepherd can be a wonderful family dog.

The Shiloh Shepherd can be great with children, although Shiloh Shepherd puppies can be rambunctious. The Shiloh Shepherd can also be good with other family pets when raised with them. Health concerns include hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat, torsion, and allergies.


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