Selecting a dog breed

If you are planning to show and breed your puppy when he grows up, read Breeding Purebred Dogs. If you want a pet or family companion, give some thought to the type of dog that best suits your lifestyle. Dogs come in all sizes, shapes, and mixtures, and all are equally loveable. Some dogs require more exercise, more grooming, or more training. Some are too large for apartment living or too small for ranch life (see small dogs). Some breeds are known for their outgoing nature and love of children. Others have strong guarding and territorial instincts. These are just some of the attributes that make one breed of dog a better choice for a specific person than another. Mixed breeds generally have the characteristics of the breeds that are predominant in the mixture (see designer dogs). Also see dogs that don’t shed and best dogs.

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A huge amount of information on dogs, breeds, and breed clubs, is available through the Internet. Many breeders and breed clubs maintain web pages and provide photographs and information on their breed and their breeding programs. Keep in mind that information on most websites is not regulated. Most only educate you about the good things about each breed. Use it as a good reference, but confirm what you read from other sources. If a breed sounds too good to be true – no health, behavior, or temperament problems – it undoubtedly is too good to be true !