Puggle is a crossbreed dog with a beagle and a pug as parents. The history of the Puggle originates back to the 1980s when dog breeders began experimenting in creating new dog crosses. After 20 years, in early 2005, the Puggle gained great popularity because of their wonderful personality and appearance. The Puggle is currently the most popular crossbreed ever.

Puggles tend to be between 15 and 30 pounds as an adult, and stand 10 to 15 inches at the shoulders. Puggles are similar in size to their parent breeds, the Pug and Beagle. Puggles can be considered lap dogs because of their relatively small size and demeanor. The head of a first generation Puggle can vary in size and shape. Some Puggles have larger, fuller heads, while others have thinner, smaller heads. Male Puggles are often larger and more muscular then female Puggles.

Puggles are very sweet-tempered and playful. They are energetic, intelligent, and affectionate. A Puggle is a great companion and will bond with you quickly. Puggles like to be in close contact and will follow you around the house. They are also very curious dogs that love to smell new things and find new places to go. They have a great sense of smell and will track scents like the beagle. Puggles are always happy to see you when you return from being away. A proud Puggle will at times prance. To say a Puggle is a social dog is an understatement. They love meeting new dogs at the dog parks or while out on a walk in the neighborhood. Puggles are very friendly and get along with most people. They are good around children, young adults, adults, as well as seniors. Puggles also do good around other pets and around a second or third Puggle. Puggles require a lot of activity and attention, just as the breeds they are derived from. Children or frequent play times and outings help keep the Puggle occupied.

The Puggle’s short hair is usually black, beige, or silver. They do shed, but not much. Puggles are energetic, without being hyper or yappy, and may not have the tendency to howl or bark like a beagle. However, they probably will bark once or twice whenever someone comes to the door. This is standard with many dogs, to alert you that someone is in pack territory, and to alert the visitor that this territory is occupied. The Puggle’s nose is longer than a pug’s, so a Puggle doesn’t have the breathing problems associated with a pug.

Puggle is one of the most famous amongst designer dogs. Puggle owners include Uma Thurman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sylvester Stallone, Julianne Moore and James Gandolfini.


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Jack is our Puggle at 2 years old, who weighs in at a hefty 27 pounds. Jack got his name because when we first met him, he crawled into my husband’s jacket and went to sleep. Joking, I suggested, “If we got him we could call him Jack…” and so it went. Jack is a people-dog (similar to a people-person). Jack loves running in his backyard chasing the rabbits with his toy dinosaur in his mouth. (The dino is his favorite toy, and has been replaced 3 times due to how much he LOVES it….) Jack’s favorite pastime is chewing on socks. When we first got him we noticed that he’d go into the laundry basket, and only pull out my husband’s socks. This prompted us to be more cautious of where we placed the laundry, but also sparked my curiosity. “Would he go after my socks?” and the answer was a declarative no. Only the smell of my husband’s smelly feet. As with most households, you typically have loose socks (even though you swore you put a pair in the washer, when it’s all done, you are down one sock.) Because of this, Jack now has a steady collection of socks for his enjoyment. He will run around the house happier than a pig in you-know-what, with his sock in his mouth. After many variations of socks, we’ve learned that tube socks last the longest.

This is Roxy the Puggle, shown here at 2 years old. She is a trained therapy dog and also loves agility. Roxy is a wonderful dog and loves to show of her agility skills when she goes on a therapy dog visit. She is a very happy dog, but does have a loud bark. Puggles are easily trained if you just take the time and have patience. They are very affectionate and cuddly.

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