Photo: A bored pomsky pup. All her siblings sleep & there is no1 to play with – notice the 3 colors.

Pomsky is a designer dog. It is a cross between the Pomeranian and the Husky.

Pomeranian + Siberian Husky = Pomsky

Pomskies are extremely intelligent and eager to please. They are fast learners and can be trained to do just about anything if you take the time to teach them. They do have high energy levels but are small enough to get the necessary exercise playing in a decent sized yard or going for a daily walk. Pomskies tend to imprint on their families much like huskies. They will also howl on occasion like huskies do. They are very confident and outgoing with everyone they meet. They love children. 1st generation pomskies have coats similar to a husky. They are medium to low shedders and they blow their coats in the summer. With regular brushing shedding should not be an issue.

Pomsky Puppy

Photo: An irresistibly cute Pomsky puppy

Pomsky exhibit characteristics, traits and qualities with varying degrees of appearance and pronouncement based on the genetic contribution from each parent. They weigh approximately half the combined weight of its parents, or 20-30 pounds. If you are unfamiliar with this breed and working to familiarize yourself with these beautiful creatures, please remember that this is a very new breed in the grand scheme of things and there is yet to be a breed standard. Visit PHQ – a resource dedicated to this breed.

Breeders of these Hybrid designer dogs claim them to be healthy and have fewer medical issues than purebred dogs. They believe that thousands of years of breeding specific small dog breeds have created many medical issues in purebreds that do not exist in the mixed breed or hybrid dog breeds. The Designer dog has become a highly controversial subject with many differences of opinion. Breeders of these designer dog breeds are being criticized for being more interested in producing these dogs for profit and not caring enough about the potential dog health problems associated with these dogs. See more: Pomsky Pictures.

Pomsky Videos


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