Paraphimosis (Penis trapped outside the sheath)

In dogs with this condition, the extended penis is unable to return to its former position inside the sheath. Long hair on the skin around the sheath causes the foreskin to roll under so that the sheath cannot slide. This usually happens after the penis has been extended during mating. The sheath then serves as a constricting ring around the shaft of the penis, causing sustained engorgement. A rubber band maliciously placed around the shaft of the penis produces a similar result.

Rarely, this will occur with puppies removed from their dam too soon who will suck on each other’s penises.

Treatment: The penis must be returned to its normal position inside the prepuce as quickly as possible to prevent further swelling and permanent damage. First, lubricate the shaft with K-Y Jelly, mineral oil, or olive oil. Push the prepuce back on the shaft of the penis while rolling it out to release the trapped hair. With one hand, gently draw the head of the penis toward you. With the other, slide the prepuce forward over the head of the penis. If these measures are not successful, proceed at once to the veterinary clinic. Surgery may be required to relieve the constriction.

Paraphimosis can be prevented by cutting the long hair around the foreskin before breeding. Always check the male after mating to be sure the penis has returned to its sheath.