Lithuanian Hound

Lithuanian Hound


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We had a dog of this breed for many years. Her name was Daffin, I grew up with her, she had tumors due to a rattlesnake bite as a puppy. (She got but in the crotch… We think she went to pee and didn’t see it)
She was a very skittish dog, she was never house broken because when we corrected her for peeing on the floor she peed again because she was scared. She was an outside dog, we all loved her. In the winter we brought her into the garage and pulled out a heater just for her. She was a wonderful dog, super sweet. She passed a few years back, but will never be forgotten. Daffin was found by my mom on the side of the road with her siblings. They had been fed canned food by someone but it was emply so they cut their tongues on the metal. My mom came around, scooped them up and headed to the vet (which at the time had a drop off for strays exc) my mom dropped off everyone but Daffin, because she was shy my mom knew she wouldn’t be adopted. We named her Daffin because she was found on a street called Daffin Lane. I miss that old dog.

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