Jagd Terrier

Jagd Terrier

Jagd Terrier, also known as the German Hunt Terrier, was created in Germany in the early 1900s. At the time, terriers were very popular in Great Britain and Europe, but Germany did not have an effective native hunting terrier. So the black and tan fell terriers (who were not good hunters) were crossed with Fox Terriers (excellent hunters), and the offspring were selectively bred to create a black and tan, versatile hunting terrier. In Germany, the breed hunts fox and boar; in the U.S., it hunts raccoons.

The Jagd Terrier dog breed should stand between 11 and 19 inches tall and weigh between 10 and 39 pounds. Her eyes are dark, the ears V-shaped, and the tail docked or natural. The body should be slightly longer than the dog is tall at the shoulder. The coat may be smooth and short, broken or rough. The most popular color is black and tan, but the dogs may also be chocolate or salt and pepper. Twice weekly brushing is sufficient for these dogs, although many owners will trim Jagd Terriers with broken or rough coats just to keep them neat.

The Jagd Terrier is an active, athletic, bright dog breed with a strong hunting drive. If not allowed to hunt regularly, she needs another outlet for her energy and desire to work. Agility training, flying disc competitions, lure coursing, or other sports are a great idea for this breed. Training should begin early and continue into adulthood to keep the dog in control and focused. Positive training techniques are often not enough; this breed needs firm, structured training.

The Jagd Terrier needs an experienced dog owner who understands terriers and hunting dogs. She is affectionate and protective of her family and wary of strangers. She is good with children and can take rough kids’ play. She gets along with other dogs but will never back down from a challenge; like many small terriers, she has no idea how small she is. She is a hunter and should not be trusted with other small pets. The Jagd Terrier is a healthy breed.


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