Insecticide Dips for Dogs

Dips are insecticide solutions that are sponged or rinsed onto the body and allowed to dry on the hair and skin. Use a dip that is recommended by your veterinarian or, if you decide to use a commercial preparation, read the label to be sure the product is effective against the parasite in question. If you are not sure which parasite your dog has, or if she may have more than one, consult with your veterinarian. If your dog has recently been dewormed, check with your veterinarian before using a dip.

Before dipping, plug the dog’s ears with cotton to keep the insecticide out of the ear canals. Begin by washing the dog with a gentle commercial dog shampoo, or, if prescribed by your veterinarian, a shampoo that loosens crusts and scales. Squeeze out all excess water from the coat to keep it from diluting the dip.

Make up the dip according to the directions on the package. Then apply as directed. Protect the dog’s eyes from contact with the shampoo or dip to avoid eye burns.

If your dog has a very thick coat, she may need to be clipped first to make sure the preparation reaches all the way down to the skin.

Most dips must be repeated one or more times at intervals of 7 to 10 days to rid the dog of the parasite in question. Consult the label for recommended frequency. Do not exceed this frequency. Many dips should not be used on young puppies. Make sure to read the label. Do not used dips approved for dogs on any other pets.