Dog Mating – Normal Mating

Dog Mating

Neither animal should be fed for several hours before mating. Avoid the heat of the day. In hot weather, bring both dogs into the house or kennel where it is relatively cool. Normally, the bitch should be taken to the stud’s enclosure, as the male is more confident and assertive in his own surroundings. If the bitch is shy and retiring and the male is strong and assertive, it may be better to take the male to the enclosure of the bitch.

Keep the number of observers to a minimum. The fewer distractions, the better. Both dogs should be introduced to each other on leash. Once it is certain that the bitch’s behavior is friendly, the dogs can be let off leash for a short period to romp and flirt. If the stud is not interested, and particularly if the female rejects the male, she is not in standing heat. Separate the dogs and try again in 48 hours. Do not persist when it is apparent that the bitch is not receptive. This can confuse or frighten the female and frustrate the male, making future attempts more difficult.

If the bitch is ready to mate, she will hold her tail to the side and stand quietly. As the male mounts and penetrates, he clasps her around the loins with his forelegs and thrusts forward. At full penetration he treads up and down instead of thrusting forward. The bulbus glandis swells and is clasped by the vulva. This produces the tie and stimulates the male to ejaculate.

After ejaculation, the male unclasps his forelegs and places both feet on the ground on one side of the bitch. He may lift his hind leg over the back of the bitch and swing around so that the two stand rump to rump. The dogs usually remain joined for 10 to 30 minutes.

A bitch may cry, whine, or grunt during a tie. It is a good idea to have someone posted at the bitch’s head to calm her so she doesn’t become frightened and try to pull free. As the dog and bitch separate, it can be momentarily painful. Be prepared for either to turn and snap.