Dog Mating – Helping the mating along

Maiden bitches, nervous bitches, and bitches who do not show strong signs of estrus can be difficult to breed. With these individuals it is often necessary to hold or restrain the bitch.

The procedure for assisting large dogs requires two or three people. One person sits on a stool at the bitch’s side and supports her with a knee beneath her belly. This handler also draws her tail around the outside of her hind leg, exposing the vulva. A second person holds the leash of the male. If the dog mounts at the side or front, this handler gently pulls him off and encourages him to mount from the rear. An optional third person steadies the bitch from in front. A cooperative female raises her vulva so that the male can make a straight entry into the vagina. The individual holding the bitch can make this easier for the male by raising the vulva with a hand between the bitch’s legs.

Young and inexperienced males may become so excited that they ejaculate before intromission. This is more likely to happen if attempts are made to guide the male by taking hold of his penis behind the bulb.

A mating between a tall dog and a short bitch can present mechanical problems. The solution is to stand the male in a ditch or breed on a slope to equalize the difference.

Small dogs can be mated on a table with a piece of carpet or nonslip rug on it for good footing. Support the female with a hand beneath her pelvis.