Dog Mating – Getting Ready

Breeding dogs can be surprisingly stressful, particularly when there is a great deal of emotion invested in the outcome. If you do not feel confident in handling the mating, ask your veterinarian or an experienced breeder to be present to lend support and assist, if necessary.

Be aware that more than one dog may mate with a bitch if she is not closely supervised. It is possible to get puppies with different sires in one litter. DNA testing can be done to prove parentage so the litter can be registered.

Dog Mating – Getting Ready

When a bitch is due to come into season, she should be watched carefully for signs of proestrus. As soon as she shows color (bloody discharge), notify the owner of the stud. He or she may want the bitch to be shipped to the stud’s kennel at once. This gives her time to settle into her new surroundings after a stressful trip. In addition, the stud’s owner can follow her progress by exposing her to the male to see if she will stand for breeding.

If the female has a heavy or matted coat, trim away the hair under the tail to expose the vulva. On long-coated male dogs, it is a good idea to clip the hair around the penis before mating. Long hair near the head of the penis may catch on the penis during erection. As the penis returns to the sheath, the prepuce may be rolled under, causing a constriction.