Dog Breeding – Assisting a normal delivery

When labor is going well, there is no need to interfere. But on occasion a large puppy may get stuck in the vaginal birth canal. The head or presenting part appears during a forceful contraction and then slips back when the dam relaxes. In most cases this can be corrected by lubricating the birth canal liberally with K-Y Jelly. If the dam does not deliver the puppy within 15 minutes, you will have to help.

Put on a pair of sterile disposable latex gloves. As the presenting part of the puppy appears at the vaginal opening, place your thumb and index finger on either side of the mother’s perineum, just below the anus, and push down gently to keep the puppy from slipping back inside. Next, grip the puppy in the birth canal and slide the lips of the vulva back over his head. Once this has been done, the lips will hold the puppy in place, giving you a chance to get another grip.

Now grip the skin of the puppy with a clean piece of cloth behind his neck or along the back. As the mother strains, apply gentle traction to the skin – not to the legs or head – and draw the puppy out. It may be helpful to rotate the puppy first one way and then the other. If these measures are not successful.