Chart Polski

Chart Polski

Chart Polski, or Polish Sighthound, resembles the English Greyhound. However, it is actually a much older breed and developed separately. It is descended from Asiatic sighthounds and was first written about in 1600. The breed was used to hunt hare, deer, and wolves and has great endurance over rough terrain.

This large sighthound stands 27 to 32 inches, with Chart Polski males larger than females. The head is long and narrow, with folded ears, large amber eyes, and a dark nose. The chest is deep, the body compact, and the legs strong. The dog should look like an athletic running dog. The coat is short and hard and may be any color. This breed’s coat is easy to groom. A twice weekly brushing will keep it in shape.

These dogs need daily exercise. A good run in a fencedin yard is excellent. Chart Polski can also run alongside a bicycle. All exercise should be on leash or in a fenced yard, though, as these dogs retain their hunting instincts and will be off in a flash if a small animal dashes away.

Obedience training should be an absolute requirement for all Chart Polski and their owners. Training should be positive, fun, and interesting. Some individual Chart Polski dogs are very dominant and can take the upper hand over an unsuspecting owner, creating an unhappy situation in the home. Socialization is also very important, as this is a highly protective breed that will courageously protect home and family.

The Chart Polski loves and adores his whole family and usually extends his friendliness to their friends. They are wary and aloof toward strangers. These dogs can be wonderful with children, although young dogs are rowdy and exuberant. Many can be dog-aggressive, especially males. They can be good to cats when raised with them, but will chase any animal that runs. This is a healthy breed.


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