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Cesky Terrier is a well-muscled, short legged, well-pigmented, hunting terrier of a rectangular format.

The Cesky Terrier dog breed was created by a Czech dog breeder, František Horák, in 1948, as a cross between a Sealyham Terrier and a Scottish Terrier, to create a terrier suitable for hunting in the forests of Bohemia.

The Cesky Terrier dog breed standard calls for a calm dog, and aggression is a disqualifying fault. Cesky Terriers are reputed to be less active and quieter than other terriers.This may or may not make them suitable pets for families with children – it depends on the family.

Cesky Terriers are calm and non-aggressive

Cesky Terriers are loyal family members who require continued socialisation throughout their lives due to their reserved nature towards strangers. They are an active dog breed and like most terriers, love to dig. Cesky terriers require a moderate amount of grooming with monthly clippings. A secure backyard where the breed can get regular exercise is strongly recommended.

The Cesky Terrier dog breed is now recognized by all of the major kennel clubs in the world. The Cesky Terrier is considered as one of the most rare dog breeds worldwide.

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In the field, the rugged, persistent Cesky Terrier has more working instincts than some other terriers.
But in the home, he has a sweeter, more laid-back disposition. Indeed, the Cesky may be the mildest and easiest to handle of all the terriers.
Given moderate exercise and lots of personal attention (he doesn’t like being left alone for long periods), he adapts to virtually any household — city or country, apartment or estate.
Though playful and inquisitive outdoors — his large nose is usually glued to the ground — he is calm indoors.
With strangers, Cesky Terriers are usually reserved but polite, though early socialization is a must to develop this attitude.
With other dogs and cats, he is more sociable and less aggressive than most terriers. Rodents, however, will be chased with enthusiasm and determination.
Though he has his stubborn, independent streak, he responds well to obedience training that includes praise and food.
Just go easy on the food so that he doesn’t pack on the weight. This may be easier said than done, as he tends to be a food thief whose long reach, when standing on his hind legs, can result in the birthday cake vanishing off the kitchen countertop.
And unfortunately, it isn’t only food that Cesky Terriers like to eat — they are noted for swallowing inedible objects, which may lead to some frantic evenings in the veterinary emergency room.

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