Carolina Dog

Carolina Dog

Carolina Dogs, also called American Dingos, are free-ranging dogs who have lived in remote areas of South Carolina, Georgia, and other parts of the American Southeast. Written descriptions by some of the first European settlers to the area suggest that these dogs were in the region even then. Captive breeding has shown several primitive behaviors, including pack hierarchy and cooperative hunting. Unlike many other wild canines, Carolina Dogs, when bred in captivity and raised with people, make great family pets when their needs are known and understood.

The Carolina Dog usually stands between 17 and 24 inches tall and weighs between 40 and 60 pounds, but there is some variety in size. This breed has a primitive look. These dogs have large erect ears, almond-shaped dark eyes, and a long tail. The body is muscular without being bulky. The coat is short, with a dense undercoat in the winter. Coat color may be ginger, black and tan, or piebald. Twice weekly brushing is sufficient, except the undercoat sheds heavily in the spring and fall and at those times needs more frequent brushing. Carolina Dogs are active but not overly so. Two walks a day with a playtime in between are fine for most dogs.

These dogs do enjoy more playtime, however, and will willingly participate in hikes, camping, agility training, flying disc, and running alongside a bicycle. Exercise should be on leash or inside a fenced yard; this breed does hunt naturally, and if a rabbit or squirrel is flushed and the dog is off leash, he’ll be gone.

Carolina Dogs are, by nature, reserved with strangers. Early socialization is very important, as is early training. The breed thrives on gentle, positive training and enjoys learning. Carolina Dogs can be very good with children when raised with them and when the children are kind and gentle. The breed is not normally destructive in the house and not prone to escaping from the yard. This is a healthy breed.


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