Black Mouth Cur

Black Mouth Cur

Black Mouth Cur originated in rural America, primarily in the South, and were bred specifically to do a job. The term cur has a negative connotation for some people; perhaps they believe it means a mixed-breed dog or a bad dog. They were most often mixed-breed dogs, and in most cases no attention was paid to breed; these were working dogs. However, over time, some have evolved into breeds that now breed true.

The Black Mouth Cur is a medium-sized to large dog, 16 to 25 inches tall and weighing between 50 and 100 pounds. She has a black muzzle (hence the name) and a short coat that is fawn, yellow, or brindle. She is muscular and strong with dropped ears and a tail that is docked or naturally short. The short coat requires weekly brushing with a soft bristle brush or curry comb.

As with many hunting breeds, the Black Mouth Cur is very active. She needs a good long run every day. Although many hunting dogs do not understand the joys of agility training or some of the other canine sports, she can learn to do them and wear off excess energy in the process. She should be allowed to run off leash only in a fenced-in area; this devoted hunting dog loves to hunt, and no amount of calling will bring her back in mid-chase.

Training the Black Mouth Cur dog breed can be a challenge. She will not tolerate rough or harsh training, and yet even with positive training, she will think before responding. As a hunter of large game, she must think for herself, and your commands will be followed only after she thinks it’s appropriate to do so. If you want a compliant dog who follows orders well, do not get this breed.

The Black Mouth Cur, however, is utterly and totally devoted to her family. She is wonderful with children and will place herself between a child and danger with no thought of the threat to herself. She may even place herself between a child and an angry parent. She should not be trusted with smaller pets; remember, this is a hunting dog.


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We are fostering a beautiful red black mouth cur and gave had her for 3 months. Agile, athletic and extremely smart, she is crate trained and house broken. She is a lover but we are just not the right dynamic for her. We do not know how to offer a job to her. Just don’t have live stock. We took her in to save her life. Help!

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