Best Dogs

Best Dogs for Children / home with kids

Not all dog breeds are patient and tolerant with children. There are dog breeds which can thrive well with children compared to other dog breeds. We want the best for our kids and giving them a dog that can play with them and tolerate their rough play and be their loyal friend for life is one of the best gifts we can offer them. Dogs love kids and they can be more affectionate and protective towards them compared to the adult members of the pack. Dogs possess different personalities and if you are looking out for the best dog breed for your child, this list can give you some of the best breeds of dogs that have shared a wonderful lifetime with children.

Golden Retriever | Labrador | Poodle | Irish Setter | Vizsla | Newfoundland | Collie | Bull Terrier | Boxer | Beagle | Bulldog

Best Dogs for Apartment Living

Apartments often have limited living space than what most dogs are really comfortable with. However, you will be surprise that there are many breeds of dogs which are suitable for apartment living. Most of these dog breeds have less grooming needs and are generally quite placid. Most breeds of dogs which can dwell well in apartments have been adapted for an indoor lifestyle. These dogs have low energy levels and have lower exercise requirements.

Bichon Frise | Chihuahua | Pug | Toy Poodle | Bulldog | Dachshund | Lhasa Apso | Shih Tzu | Yorkshire Terrier

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Best Guard Dogs

Guard dog breeds vary. The best guard dogs usually follow good commands, knows when to attack an intruder, and knows when not to attack.

German Shepherd | Doberman | Rottweiler | Tibetan Mastiff | Boerboel | Cane Corso

Some Guard Dogs who don’t know when not to attack: Pitbull | American Staffordshire Terrier

Best Watch Dogs

A watch dog’s purpose is to alert the family that a stranger is approaching or that something unusual is happening. As opposed to guard dogs or protection dogs, a watch dog is not trained to act aggressively toward an intruder, although he may choose to do so on his own if he feels the situation calls for action.

Lhasa Apso | Dachshund | Yorkshire Terrier | Miniature Schnauzer | Cairn Terrier | Chihuahua

Best Dog for Allergy sufferers

– please visit Dog Breeds that don’t shed

Best Dogs for a Lazy Owner

Bulldog | Japanese Chin | Bolognese

Best Dogs for enthusiastic owners (who can spend a lot of time with their dog)

Border Collie (the smartest dog) | German Shepherd | Lhasa Apso