Berner Laufhund

Berner Laufhund

Berner Laufhund (the Berner Niederlaufhund or Small Bernese Hound) is a scent hound which originated in Switzerland. It is a medium dog that is very powerful, and was used to hunt big game. The Small Bernese Hound is a great hunting dog.

The earliest known Berner Laufhund dates back to the 9th century. They were more lean and had a powerful bite, their ears were also said not to be as long as the hounds of today. It is also said that Swiss Alpine hunters used these dogs for more than nine hundred years, which makes these dogs noses well intact for sniffing around hunting prey. The modern day Laufhund was a popular breed in tin the 1930’s being one of the most famous of the Swiss Hound Club, a dog show strictly for Swiss hounds.

Berner Laufhund is considered to be the world’s best hunting dog.

The Berner Laufhund has a great sense of smell, they are fast and agile and passionate hunters which keep good track of the sent they are supposed to follow. Their voice is pleasant. These dogs are friendly and courageous and never aggressive. Some specimens are calmer than others.

Free spirited and bouncy, Berner Laufhunds make the perfect companion for any family wanting a dog that is able to stay on its feet and be a good friend to its master. They are loyal and adore the company of children and the elderly alike. These dogs are a bundle of energy however and they may need to have exercise daily to stop their hyperactive personalities from growing abundant. Their loud barks can strike terror into some, making them a great watch dog. They are obedient and take commands well.

Berner Laufhunds have a short coat that does not need too much grooming, once a week is the best choice. For bathing, they enjoy warm water and need a shampoo that won’t damage their sensitive skin. Health wise, these dogs are incredibly robust and do not have many issues other than allergies to pollen in the summer time. They can live up to fourteen years. Being only found in the Swiss Alps and surrounding cities they make for a rare and interesting pet.

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