Auss Tzu designer dogs

Auss-Tzu designer dogs

Auss Tzu is a designer dog or hybrid dog and it is the result of cross breed between the Australian Shepherd and the Shih-Tzu purebreds. These dogs are of medium size and suitable for apartment life as long as they are exercised for one to two hours daily. The Auss Tzu dogs are very family oriented, very active and friendly towards other dogs.

The Auss tzu comes in various colours depending on the genes they receive from their parents. Most come in White with brown, grey, black or tan and sometimes with white or black and tan markings. The coat of the Auss Tzu is is thick and silky.

Auss tzu dogs are highly active dog breed that can live in a small place like an apartment if they are walked for a fair amount of time every day. They are family loving dogs who get along very well with other dogs. Some early training and socializing is recommended to enable them to cop with strangers and noisy areas. They should be taken for regular exercise. At least one to two hour walk daily is sufficient for these dogs. The Auss Tzu needs some early training to cop with noise and strangers. Moderate exercise is recommended for this breed.

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