Armenian Gampr dog

Armenian Gampr dog

Armenian Gampr Dog is a breed of livestock guardian dog that originated in the Armenian Highlands, including the territories of modern Eastern Anatolia of Turkey and the Republic of Armenia.

Gampr dogs are not trained, instead performing the necessary functions naturally.

The Armenian word “Gampr” means “watchdog”. One of the main traits of the Armenian Gampr dog is its ability to adapt independently and arrive at a proper decision. If the Gampr dog sees that you need its help, it will protect you. If the Gampr understands that you do not need its assistance, it will not protect you. The Gamprs are very tied to people, especially those dogs that live in human houses, because they feel themselves a family or pack member.

The Armenian Gampr Dog has a well-developed undercoat, in order to protect it under harsh conditions. Depending upon the coat length, there are two types: long-haired Armenian Gampr Dog, with long top hairs, and short-haired Armenian Gampr Dog, with dense, relatively short hair. A brown or piebald coat is undesirable according to Armenian Gampr dog breed standard.

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