Armant dog breed originates from Egypt. Armant is the ancient Greek settlement of Hermonthis, but the history of the city much predates that. Located a little over 12 miles south of Thebes, it thrived during the Middle Kingdom and was enlarged during the 18th Dynasty with the construction of huge temples (now gone). Cleopatra VII made it the capital of the surrounding nome, and we know that the city continued to do well into the beginnings of the Christian era.

A typical Armant dog is 21 and 23 inches (53 and 58 cm) at the withers and weighs between 50 and 65 pounds (23 and 29 kg). It has a large head, small eyes and a deep, broad chest. The ears differ in each dog and there is no standard concerning the ears; they may be erect or drooped. Armants can be of multiple colours, the most common of which are the black, black and tan, gray and gray-yellow variations. Armants are a very agile breed.

The Armant dog breed is very obedient and quite protective of its territory.

Armants are good working dogs with a fearless and loyal temperament. They generally respond well to training but require a firm owner to accomplish this. They bond well with other animals and are very good with children. It is theorized that due to the similarities between the breeds, the Armant dog breed played a part in the breeding of the Bearded Collie. The breed has remained in use in Egypt and the dogs are still used as guard dogs and for herding.


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The picture is not for Armant dog … i attached a picture of my Armant dogs … if interested i can send you pictures.

There are a number of theories and speculations as to how the Egyptian Shepherd dog “Armant” breed was developed; there is a lack of standardization and pedigrees for the Armant, as the breed was probably developed before accurate records were kept of most dog breeding this means that almost nothing is known for sure about the breed’s origins … This is why the breed has not been recognized by international kennel clubs such as the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI) or the American Kennel Club (AKC).

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