Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Anatolian Shepherd Dog is an ancient breed that originated in Turkey as a livestock guardian dog. His job was to protect the flock from predators. Today, he is prized as a deterrent for both livestock rustlers and animal predators of every kind.

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a large, impressive, powerful dog looking fully capable of defending a flock from wolves or bears. Females should be 27 inches tall or taller, and males 29 inches tall or taller. Weight can range from 80 to 160 pounds. The coat varies in length, from about 1 to 4 inches long. Color can vary, too, with all colors acceptable.

Grooming the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is not difficult; the coat should be brushed twice a week. Anatolians need daily exercise. A long walk or a nice jog beside a bicycle will suffice. Although Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppies are playful, adults are quite serious, and few enjoy games.

 Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are highly territorial and possessive of their charges, whether four-legged or two-legged. Although early socialization is good, and the dogs are not aggressive, it will not change their nature. The same applies to obedience training. This breed is brilliant and learns quickly; however, they were bred for thousands of years to think independently. They may comply with most commands, but they may also decide to ignore commands. Someone who wishes to have an obedient, compliant dog should not get an Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs think of children the same way they think of lambs—something small to be protected. As such, they are very tolerant but will not be a child’s playmate. They are also good with other pets and dogs that were raised in the family. This breed can be a good family dog for people who truly understand what the breed is. These dogs are “hardwired” to be who they are, and no amount of training (or anything else) will change them. This is a healthy breed.

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The rugged Anatolian Shepherd is not inclined to play fetch or Frisbee, nor should you expect animated responsiveness.
Developed strictly for utilitarian purposes, as a guardian of livestock, the Anatolian Shepherd is typically serious and dignified, calm and quiet — unless challenged.
Livestock guardians bond with flock animals and their own family with fierce possessiveness. They make their own decisions about who is a friend and who is a foe, what is a threat and what is not, and they react to every situation as they see fit.
Potential owners who cannot understand and control these powerful instincts should look for another breed. Anatolian Shepherds are not casual pets. They are dominant, self-reliant dogs who will try to manage everyone and everything unless you are an assertive leader who knows how to instill respect.
This breed requires a formal introduction to strangers before being touched by them, and he will remain vigilant every moment they are on his territory.
He is patient with his own children and with submissive family pets, but he should not be expected to welcome those outside the family.
Despite his bulk, the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is remarkably agile and reactive. He needs a spacious yard with a six-foot-high fence.

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