Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier

Welsh Terrier is a sturdy terrier dog breed. Although the lineages of these dogs were not documented until the mid-1800s, rough-coated red and black terriers were known in Wales as early as the 1400s. Used for hunting fox, badgers, and otters, these dogs were (and still are) sturdy and game.

This compact, long-legged terrier stands about 15 inches tall and weighs about 20 pounds. His head is rectangular, eyes are small and dark brown, and ears are folded. The body is as long as the dog is tall at the shoulder. The tail is short. The undercoat is short and soft, and the outer coat is hard and wiry. The back is black with color going up the back of the neck and down to the tail, while the rest of the dog is a reddish tan. The coat needs regular brushing and combing to keep it clean and neat. The beard can be messy and drip water after the dog drinks. The coat needs either regular grooming or hand-stripping; potential Welsh Terrier owners need to discuss coat care with a Welsh Terrier breeder.

The Welsh Terrier is an active dog who has fun hunting for small critters in the woodpile but also enjoys long, brisk walks. Although not as active as some other terrier breeds, these dogs will get into trouble if they don’t get enough exercise. Welsh Terriers also participate in many canine sports, including agility, flyball, and terrier go-to-ground trials. These intelligent dogs will thrive with firm, structured, yet fun training. Training should include tricks and games to keep the dog from becoming bored.

Although usually more social with other dogs than many other terrier breeds, Welsh Terriers still need early and continued socialization with friendly dogs. The Welsh Terrier dog breed does best with an owner who understands terriers; they may be too much for a first-time dog owner. They are not always patient with children. Most Welsh Terriers are good with other dogs but should not be trusted with other types of pets. Health concerns include epilepsy, eye and thyroid problems, and allergies.


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