Samoyed is an ancient breed who has lived with the Samoyede people of Siberia for more years than can be counted. To these people, the Samoyed is much more than just a dog; she is in reality a partner, for they could not survive without their dogs’ assistance. The beautiful white dogs herd the reindeer, hunt, and pull sleds. In addition, they sleep in the reindeer hide tents with their owners, providing extra warmth during the long Siberian winters. The breed has also been used as a reliable sled dog outside of Siberia. Samoyeds were on sled dog teams exploring both the north and south poles, and were treasured for their strength, reliability, and willingness to work.

The Samoyed today is still a working dog and should present a picture of both beauty and strength. The Samoyed dog breed stands 19 to 23.5 inches tall and weighs 40 to 70 pounds, with the females smaller than the males. The Samoyed’s smiling face is a treasure, with dark, intelligent eyes and upright ears; the dogs always look happy. The Samoyed is well-balanced with a body long enough to do draft work and legs long enough to run. The coat has a thick undercoat of soft, dense wool and a longer outer coat of harsh hair that stands out from the body, creating a fluffy look. The coat can be white, cream, or biscuit. Grooming the Samoyed takes some time and effort. The coat can mat and must be brushed at least twice a week during most of the year. However, when the dog is shedding (usually spring and fall), she should be brushed daily.

Samoyed dogs need daily aerobic exercise. Bred to be multipurpose working dogs, they can be mischievous without enough exercise. In addition, obesity can be a problem. Samoyeds like to jog, run alongside a bicycle, and participate in dog sports. Pulling a sled or wagon is a natural job for them, of course, but they also enjoy weight pulling, skijoring, and pack hiking. The Samoyed breed also loves games, and many owners swear their dog has a sense of humor.

Elementary obedience training will make your Samoyed dog a good citizen and the best possible companion. Additionally, the time you spend with your dog will create a close bond between the two of you. Although training the Samoyed is not usually difficult— they are bright dogs who usually want to please you—they can also be independent thinkers. The Samoyed owner must keep the training structured yet fun. Samoyeds are great family dogs for those who understand the care that the beautiful coat needs and those who want a white canine shadow. Samoyeds who are isolated too much will get into trouble. They can be barkers, much to the dismay of neighbors, so this should be addressed early before it becomes a problem.

The Samoyed breed is good with people of all ages. Although friendly and affectionate with everyone in the family, they often single out one family member and bond more strongly to that person. Samoyeds are usually very good with other dogs and other pets. Health concerns include hip dysplasia, bloat, torsion, hypothyroidism, and eye disorders.


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