Ariege Pointer

Ariege Pointer

Ariege Pointer was used by hunters in the Ariege region of the Pyrenees were said to be descended from dogs that were crosses of Perdigueiro de Burgos and the Bracco Italiano. The breed was developed in the 20th century by Braqque Saint-Germain and Braque Francais with the local dogs, to give them more lightness and activity. During World War II, the breed almost disappeared.

The french name of this dog breed is Braque de l’Ariège, translated into English as the Ariege Pointing Dog or Ariege Pointer. The Ariege Pointer is a French hunting dog of pointing gun dog type.

The Ariege Pointer is kept primarily as a hunting dog, not as a pet or showdog.

In 1990 a team of breeders decided to devote themselves to the Braque de l’Ariège’s survival. In particular we have Mr. Alain Deteix to thank for the survival of the Ariege Pointer dog breed. He headed that team of breeders and wholeheartedly devoted himself to the revival of part of France’s National heritage. The Braque de l’Ariège is well suited to hunting wild hare and partridge.

The Ariege Pointer breed is a robust and very energetic, with an excellent sense of smell, and is a skilled retriever suitable for all kinds of hunting.

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