American Foxhound

American Foxhound dogs descend from the Foxhounds brought to the American colonies from England in the mid-1600s and from others imported from England, Ireland, and France. The American Foxhound is recognized by both the AKC and UKC, but many foxhounds are not registered with or may be mixtures of other foxhounds.

Many hunters want a foxhound who will hunt in a specific way or handle certain terrain or conditions. There are about two dozen strains of American Foxhounds, and they vary widely in type. The American Foxhound was bred from the English Foxhound but has a medium build and is faster. They have a shorter neck and long legs. The American Foxhound has longer ears, but again, that can vary according to the strain.

As a general rule, American Foxhounds stand between 21 and 25 inches tall and weigh between 40 and 70 pounds. The coat is short and can be any color but is often the typical hound white and red or rust with a black saddle or cape.

Grooming this American Foxhound is easy; brush him with a soft bristle brush or curry comb a couple of times a week to loosen the dead hairs. American Foxhounds need daily aerobic exercise. Many will not play catch or fetch games, so a long, vigorous walk or a jog beside a bicycle will be needed. Never allow a Foxhound to run off-leash outside of a fenced yard; as a hunter, if a rabbit or other critter is flushed, he will be gone, and no amount of calling will bring him back.

Although American Foxhounds can be kept as pets and can be quite calm and gentle in the house, the breed is, first and foremost, a hunter. Training can be a challenge. They are good with other dogs (although they should never be trusted with small pets) and can be quite tolerant of children’s antics. They do bay and may cause neighborhood complaints. Health concerns include ear problems.

American Foxhound at K9 Research Lab


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