No other single species on the planet has

more variety than dogs (Canis familiaris)

Dogs have aided mankind throughout their shared history, but as dogs became more valuable as workers, and more jobs were found for our canine partners, people began breeding their dogs with the goal of producing better workers. Perhaps one farmer had a female dog who was gentle with sheep yet tough enough to handle cattle. He wanted to perpetuate her abilities, so he found a neighbouring farmer who had a male with the same abilities. They bred their dogs in the hopes of passing on those valuable traits.

The same happened within most of the occupations dogs filled: big game hunters, vermin hunters, livestock guardians, and more. The dog’s ability was much more important than any other traits at the time. But at various times during our shared history - from early Egyptian, Greek, and Roman civilizations through today - the dog’s appearance was also important. People bred dogs to accentuate certain characteristics, such as size, body type or shape, head and muzzle shape, coat color, type, length, and more. In this way, various dog breeds were developed.

Today, no other single species in the world has more variety in size and shape than the species of domesticated dogs, Canis familiaris. You’ll find many types of dog breeds in the world - everything from tiny 2-pound lap dogs to 200-pound live-stock protection dogs, from dogs with extremely short muzzles to those with elegant long noses, and from those with squat, sturdy bodies and short legs made for power to those with long legs and bodies made for running. There are dogs with no hair and dogs with lots of coat. Some dogs are friendly and social, while others are wary, cautious, and protective. The list of all dog breeds a-z in the world is a very long one. The variables are tremendous.

Choosing the best dog breed for you and your family should be a carefully thought out decision, not an impulse buy based on little or no research. Those dogs for sale or that puppy for sale in the pet store window may be cute, but do you know anything about her? The Neapolitan Mastiff in the Harry Potter movies has a unique look, but would that breed really fit into your lifestyle? Unfortunately, many people do far more research when they buy a new refrigerator than they do when adding a dog to the family!

In our 'A to Z' menu, you will find all dog breeds in the world - absolutely all types of dogs, rare, hybrid, designer dogs and mixes - we feature absolutely all dog breeds ! An image and brief history of each breed is followed by information about the breed’s personality and temperament, including certain traits, such as playfulness, trainability, protectiveness, and affection towards the owner. The dog breed’s activity level is also discussed, as well as its ability to get along with other dogs, cats, livestock, and children. This is followed by select videos of the particular dog breed and last but not the least - comments - experience, discussion about the specific dog breed, problems, photos of dogs, etc. Before you decide on a dog breed, make sure that the breed’s characteristics match what you’re looking for and will blend smoothly into your family’s lifestyle like sugar in milk.

One of the keys to a successful relationship with a dog is to try to match your personality and activity level with that of a dog breed. If you are a calm, quiet person, nothing is more annoying than a dog bouncing up and down, barking, and begging you to do something all the time. Although some differences in personality and activity levels can be good, too many differences are frustrating and aggravating.

Dog Breed Standards lists all dog breeds with pictures a-z, companion dogs, guard dogs, hunting dogs, herding and working dogs, small dogs, big dogs, dogs that don't shed (hypoallergenic), designer dogs and rare dog breeds. Enjoy and choose the right dog as a pet.

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