Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier (or Yorkie) originated in the late 1800s and is descended from several old English terrier breeds, including the Black and Tan English Terrier, Paisley Terrier, Clydesdale Terrier, and, most recently, Waterside Terrier. The breed originally was owned by working-class people and was used for vermin control as well as companionship, but it wasn’t long before this tiny terrier was appreciated by the upper classes and royalty.

Yorkshire Terrier is smart and doesn’t shed. Quite a popular apartment dog.

The Yorkshire Terrier is very much a terrier even though he is small. He carries his head high and projects an aura of selfimportance. Standing 8 to 9 inches tall and weighing less than 7 pounds, he is well-balanced and square. The eyes are dark and full of personality; the ears are small, V-shaped, and carried erect. The Yorkshire Terrier coat is silky and long and, in adults, falls to the floor. The hair is parted along the backbone from head to tail. The coat color is blue with tan on the head, under the tail, and on the legs. The tail is docked.

Grooming is a big part of a Yorkshire Terrier’s life, especially if you keep the coat long. The coat will tangle if not combed and brushed every day and again after outdoor play sessions. Many Yorkshire Terrier owners keep the coat trimmed to a shorter length simply for ease of care.

Yorkshire Terriers are active little dogs. They enjoy walks, play sessions, and hunting for critters in the backyard. Yorkshire Terriers can have difficulty with housetraining, but with supervision, persistence, and patience, it can be accomplished. Early obedience training can help channel this dog breed’s quick mind, giving the Yorkshire Terrier dog something constructive to do.

Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Photo: Yorkshire Terrier Puppies

Yorkshire Terriers are bright and intelligent but can be a little stubborn. They do have a mind of their own. Many Yorkshire Terrier owners teach their little dogs tricks, as the Yorkshire Terrier dog breed is a natural showoff and loves to be the center of attention. These dogs can also participate in canine sports. Many flyball teams want to include a small dog to keep the jump heights low, and ball-crazy Yorkshire Terriers make great competitors.

The Yorkshire Terrier dog breed is very attached to the family but can also become more strongly bonded to one particular family member, especially if more time is spent with that one person. They can be reserved toward strangers, but friends are greeted with enthusiasm. They can be good with children who are gentle and treat them with respect.

Yorkshire Terriers tend to bark at strange dogs and can put on an aggressive act, although they are too small to back up any threats. This behavior should be discouraged, as larger dogs could easily harm them. Health concerns include dental problems, hypoglycemia, and knee problems.

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  1. Natalie Portman with Yorkie says:

    Natalie Portman is often spotted walking her cutesy Yorkie, Charlie, around Los Angeles.

  2. Miranda Kerr with her yorkie says:

    Miranda Kerr and her Yorkshire Terrier, Frankie – Even with a dog and a baby to look after, model Miranda Kerr never has a hair out of place. How does she do it?

  3. Loretta’s Yorkshire Terrier – Yorkie (name Enzo) says:

    I am the owner and master of this Yorkshire Terrier dog – Adopted Enzo when he was 7 months old, He’s 9 months now and a sweet energetic little man! Yorkies are fussy little eaters tho!

  4. holly angel says:

    I have a Yorkshire terrier named snookie no offence intended to jersey shore. She is my world.She has her funny moments, like one time she dove under the couch for Doritos chip, or when she accidentally walked into glass sliding door and then walked away like nothing happened.Though Yorkshire terrier are little dogs they have big personality. Snookie is very vocal and protective of me.

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Yorkshire Terrier