English Setter

English Setter

English Setter was bred in England more than 400 years ago. Spaniels, the Spanish Pointer, and other breeds were used in the creation of this breed. The name setter derives from the dogs’ habit of crouching (or setting) after finding birds so that the nets used to capture the birds could be thrown without the dogs getting in the way. Once firearms were used for hunting, the dogs were bred to stand upright rather than crouch.

There are two types of English Setters — the show dog and the Llewellin (or field) type English Setter — although there is only one breed standard. (The show dogs tend to be larger.) The English Setter standard calls for a dog standing 24 to 25 inches tall. These dogs usually weigh between 50 and 70 pounds, have a long head with dropped ears, and a long tail. The coat is straight, and the ears, legs, belly, and tail are feathered. The coat is white with speckles of color, including orange, blue, lemon, and liver.

The English Setter’s lovely coat needs brushing and combing at least twice a week to keep it looking nice and to prevent mats from forming. They do need a considerable amount of exercise to keep both body and mind in shape. The natural exuberance of a young English Setter can make him difficult to live with if he is confined without enough exercise. All exercise should be on leash or within a fenced-in area.

Training the English Setter is also very important. It establishes a bond between you and your English Setter and makes him a joy in your home and community. This dog breed needs an active owner who enjoys hunting, jogging, agility training, or some other active canine sport. Although most English Setter puppies are pretty rowdy and need supervision around young children, the breed is good with kids. English Setters are usually good with other dogs. Health concerns include deafness, allergies, and hip and elbow dysplasia.



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English Setter