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American Water Spaniel breed developed in the American midwest as a working gun dog. He may have some Irish Water Spaniel in his background or some Curly-Coated Retriever. Today, although seen occasionally in dog shows, he is still a prized working gun dog, retrieving small game of any kind.

The American Water Spaniel is a medium-sized dog, standing 15 to 18 inches tall at the shoulder and weighing 25 to 45 pounds. The dog should be in proportion and well-balanced. The eyes are slightly rounded and may be yellow brown to brown, hazel, or dark to harmonize with the coat. The ears are dropped and long.

The American Water Spaniel coat is wavy to curly with a weatherproof undercoat. The coat should be solid liver, brown, or dark chocolate. The coat should be brushed two or three times per week, and the dog should be bathed every other week. Professional grooming is recommended every six to eight weeks. These dogs need daily exercise and playtimes. The American Water Spaniel breed loves to play. They will bring toys to the owner and set them in the lap to initiate play. They will then dance around in front to encourage the owner to throw the toy.

Although the American Water Spaniel breed standard calls for a friendly dog, some timid dogs are seen. Early socialization is very important for these dogs. These are quick, intelligent dogs who like to work; they need those traits channeled productively, so early training is imperative.

The American Water Spaniel is easy to train but will shut down if he feels you are being unnecessarily harsh. If trained with encouragement, he is a joy to train. The American Water Spaniel can become protective of toys or food.

The American Water Spaniel can be a wonderful family companion, although some bond more strongly with one family member. He is good with children when the kids treat him with respect. When raised with other pets he is fine with them, although he should never be trusted with birds. Some health concerns include baldness and heart and eye problems.

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  1. American water spaniel characteristics says:

    The AKC Standard says that the American Water Spaniel has “great energy and eagerness for the hunt.”
    This solidly built breed is happy, hardy, and adaptable, but also energetic and in need of a good amount of daily exercise. Swimming and fetching are especially appreciated. Too much confinement or isolation can lead to hyperactivity and destructive behavior.
    The temperament of the American Water Spaniel is about midway between that of an ingratiating English Springer Spaniel and a self-reliant Irish Water Spaniel.
    American Water Spaniels who have been extensively socialized are friendly, but many make alert watchdogs and may not always welcome strangers into their home.
    Most are fine with other family pets, though some can be dominant with strange dogs.
    Not as eager to please as some other spaniels, the American Water Spaniel has a stubborn, assertive streak.
    Consistent leadership is a must, and obedience training must be persuasive rather than sharp, because he is sensitive and can become defensive (growling or snapping) if jerked around.

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American Water Spaniel